Thursday, May 1, 2014

Starting up Pi/RTEMS development again, updates on the way!

Coming soon to a Pi near you

I have finally started to get back into my RTEMS Raspberry Pi development. I have a few updates that I will try to get on here soon:

  • I have updated my development environment to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

  • I have been experimenting with alternative ways of loading the RTEMS code (u-boot, jtag). I will document how to set up a TFTP based network boot for RTEMS images.

  • I purchased and set up a very inexpensive JTAG solution for the Pi. I will document how this all works.

  • I am going to mentor a Google Summer of Code student this summer to add peripheral support to the RTEMS Raspberry Pi BSP

So, stay tuned!


  1. Hi, Alan! Thanks for your great blog!))
    I have to ask you: are I2C and UART connections on RPI can be successfully supported by RTEMS?
    In our SAMSON (satellite mission) project we build kind of simulator of satellite computer module based on Raspberry Pi hardware and RTEMS OS. Satellite payload hardware can be accessed only with I2C and UART, so this is a point...

    1. Hi, UART is already supported through the Raspberry Pi UART as an RTEMS console. I'm sure you can use it as a regular UART for data, but you will have to disable the RTEMS console output.
      I2C, SPI, and GPIO are on the way thanks to a Google Summer of Code Student. Check out his blog here:
      I hope we can merge the code to support I2C, SPI, and GPIO ( and maybe SD Card ) by the end of the summer.

      Do you have details on the SAMSON mission? My day job is at NASA, and I work on a number of satellites.


    2. Thanx for your answer. Here is some info about SAMSON(it is academic project):
      Actually we develope under Leon3 processor(AeroFlex Gaisler), but this hardware is not availiable temporary and we thought to use Raspberry PI(this is better than nothing or TSIM), that's why I asked about it. The project is at its beginning stages and we have a lot of questions and have no experience in this area)))
      If you want I can provide more details abou SAMSON

    3. Sorry I'm new to all this. Some of there terms flew over my head. Does the clock measure the latency time?

      Thank you

  2. Hi Alan, thanks for your RTEMS guides. They have been extremely helpful getting RTEMS setup for the Rpi and also for Leon3 boards in general.
    Taking inspiration from this blog entry, I have tried to setup u-boot for the Rpi but cannot seem to get u-boot to execute a program over tftp (or from the sdcard). This could be because of incorrect memory locations used and / or incorrect mkimage switches. Are there any special memory locations that I should be writing to and/or mkimage steps specific to RTEMS that need to be followed?
    Thanks in advance.

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  4. Hi Alan, would you update that how to set up a boot, e.g., (u-boot) for RTEMS images?
    In fact, I'm booting RTEMS on Gem 5 ARM.
    However, I have no idea how to bundle the executable file as the kernel images for ARM.
    With different BSP, I try to get some inspiration from your notes.
    If you have any idea, I will look forward to it.
    Thanks in advance.